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Long wool shooting stockings

Four Cottons long shooting stockings are made from Merino wool which has highly valued benefits due to the fibre's composition. The fibre is much finer than other wool, with a structure of irregular plates creating small pockets of air that help to maintain body heat. The structure is what makes it different from other wool on the market. Since the fibre is so fine, the fabric of our shooting stockings is finer and denser when woven because more fibres have to be used. Another distinguishing feature is that the fibre has more bends, and these natural crimps, characteristic of Merino wool, are what give it great finesse and quality. What’s more, the air that they trap inside helps to insulate.

Made from Merino wool, Four Cottons shooting stockings offer great quality.

  • Thanks to their excellent thermal properties, our socks are perfect for when it's really cold outside as they adapt to your feet, keeping them at a stable temperature.
  • Merino wool has natural anti-bacterial properties, preventing sweat from building up in the fabric and causing an unpleasant smell.
  • It helps to keep you warm even when it is humid or damp.
  • It offers a super soft feel that isn’t prickly.
  • Its keratin content protects from UV rays.
  • It is a breathable fibre.

Four Cottons long shooting stockings are made from Merino wool, which offers a number of properties that make them ideal for keeping you warm on cold days outside.

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Calzas bicolor que combina el color vino con el verde oscuro, son altas y su faja está diseñada para doblarse por debajo de la rodilla con el fin de ofrecer más sujeción y calor. Son muy cómodas adaptándose perfectamente a tu pierna sin caerse ni hacer arrugas. 


Calzas bicolor tejidas en lana en tonos verdes y vino perfectas para los días de frío ya que gracias a su faja que se dobla por debajo de la rodilla más calor.